If I could be anything in the world & Weekend Shenanigans

Monday, July 22, 2013

So I decided I would blog since the rest of my week will consist of finishing up some things for classes since only two more weeks of the semester exist and doing some things to set up for applying for my daycare license such as going to get TB tests tomorrow, oh joy! Anyways I decided to do a Weekend Shenanigans and the 52 weeks of blogging with a purpose.

I will first start out with the If I could be anything in the world for the 52 weeks blogging question. This is a toughy because I really haven't thought long and hard about it. I don't think I would want to be someone else just someone who was rich and could live carefree without worrying about their next move. That would be ideal for me, to have money and not have to worry about saving every last bit. One day I will get there, hopefully. Starting up my own daycare is the first step because I can make almost as much as I was making at my job before I got laid off with just six kids since Donovan will play stay-at-home dad and watch Arianna and the baby so I don't have to include them in my six. This weeks question won't have much detail to it because in all honesty I don't want to be anybody but myself. There are times where I wish I was someone or something else but I think to myself, I don't have it nearly as bad as other people. Yeah I am laid off and 9 months pregnant and Donovan hasn't had luck finding a job and I just bought a house but I was blessed to get quite a bit of unemployment and my student loans to not have to worry about making bills monthly. So I thank god for that. Anyways onto my Weekend Shenanigans. This will be under the cut.

High five for Friday

Friday, July 19, 2013
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So I decided to post while I am at the computer doing homework, or at least trying to heh. I at least completed everything that is due soon so a girl needs a break. Only 2 weeks of summer semester left and then a few week vacation! YAY! Anyways so here are five things that excited me this week! ps; sorry there aren't any pictures, I am being lazy!
1. The Capital Area Humane Society here in our city had a free pet adoption today if you brought in things from their urgent list and we did that and came home with a 3-5 year old dog. She is named Sierra and is a collie mixed. She is super calm and pretty nervous at first. I am hoping she opens up! Gosh she is so loving. What makes it better is she was a stray and someone found her so we rescued her ;-)
2. I am closer to my due date and being full-term! AMEN! Ugh. The heartburn is horrible and the kicks are non-stop and jabbing pains when he kicks and certain way. 2 weeks from Tuesday and I will be full-term, he can come that day lol.
3. I have been taking pictures with my camera as well as Donovan, playing around with it and it was definitely a great investment, love it!
4. I have been web-surfing (lol I hate that word) and found a few things I want to do and take up in my free-time and maybe make some extra income on them, be on the look out!
5. This week has been horribly hot and sunny but I have loved it because we haven't had much of a summer. But now it can go away. We have had a heat advisory for the whole week since temperatures have been in the 90s and heat indexes in the 100s. Only in Michigan would it be 70-80 and then skyrocket lol. Luckily it has cooled down a little because our lawn needs some loving tomorrow or Sunday, ahem Donovan is going to mow that lol.

Again, sorry about the lack of pictures. I will try and be better with that form now on since I have a camera instead of my phone which is useless. If you aren't yet, you can follow me on Instagram because I do post from time to time throughout the week on there. It is private so you have to request to follow me back but I do follow back!

If I were to win the lottery...

Monday, July 15, 2013

I again, am linking up for 52 weeks of blogging with a purpose with Frommrstomama.com. This weeks topic is "If I were to win the lottery, 5 things I would buy" How fun! Now I don't know how I am going to sum up just five things I am going to buy! I will try to pick the top five things I will do/buy if I were to win the lottery and oh, that'd be nice! Oh and I would take a buyout rather than installments because I would probably die before I got the rest of my money!

First and foremost I would pay off my house so that'd alleviate a bill I wouldn't have to pay, probably pay off all my credit cards and car and alleviate quite a few bills! Now I really am dreaming because I wish this would happen. I do, usually, pay off all my credit cards when tax season comes but then they end up being used again when money is tight and we need something. That is my main goal, especially if I won the mega millions lottery!
Second I would of course give to charity. I am not sure which charity but it'd probably be a few especially ones that help children out and battered women. That is something I have always wanted to do but cannot because I do not have the funds to do so right now.
Third I would more than likely invest a couple thousand in a trust fund and probably some cash deposits, something that will make the millions I have made grow into more money! OH that sounds so lovely! Now after posting this I definitely want to go grab a mega millions ticket just for the heck of it, I am feeling lucky haha.

Wow I really don't know anything else I would do, so I guess I will say the three things I would first do. Maybe buy another car for the family so we have two cars? I have no clue.

Anyways...I bought a new camera because my other one is broke and there isn't anyway to fix it and I need a camera to take pictures of baby when he is born, don't worry it'll be paid off come next eternity lol. I bought a Nikon D3100 which is a DSLR camera and I am in love. Still learning the tricks of the trade and if anybody knows any, feel free to share. I finally got down what shutter and ISO controls. I am working on aperture because it still is a little confusing to me! I got some pictures with the effect I was trying to achieve which is the subject standing out against a blurry subject. So I was just snapping away at Arianna haha. I will post those underneath the cut here. I also want to get a bigger memory card that will hold more pictures while in RAW format. On another note, Donovan is really erking my nerves lately, I don't know if it is the hormones or us being together 24/7 but he seems to be getting more and more lazy as the days go by, but this will be for another post because it is a rant in itself! Not to mention I had to go to the hospital the other day but again, another post. I will post those hopefully this week. I am trying to get ahead of homework and the semester is almost over so expect more posts, hopefully!

My Weakness

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So I found while browsing blogs that I am following an interesting "bloghop/linkup" that I definitely wanted to take part in! It is the 52 Weeks of Blogging with A Purpose by Frommrstomama. It is a link up that opens every Monday with a different topic for that week. This will get me blogging weekly (hopefully) and on top of that, I won't have writers block while trying to find something to write about. While browsing I also found quite a few more things I wanted to take part in! YAY! So I will start this week since she just started 4 weeks ago so I am not too far behind. So why don't you join me with 52 weeks of blogging with a purpose! So while trying to think of my weakness or weaknesses, only a few come to mind that really stand out. Mind you, I have flaws like everybody else and have my weaknesses like everybody else so I will just choose the ones that I struggle with a lot.

Friday's letters

Friday, July 5, 2013

Two posts in one week, let alone in a row? What is wrong with me?! I decided while I am printing out my next assignments for school, I would do a Friday's Letters since I haven't done one in quite some time. We actually ended up not seeing fireworks last night. We got there and were having a jolly time and then some dumbass had to mess it up for us and I about went ape-shit on him being pregnant and my hormones were raging. He decided it'd be awesome to light off bottle rockets in an actual bottle on gravel (could possibly tip over) and guess what?! It came back down and almost hit a car. What makes it worse is he had on a firefighter shirt, I doubt a real firefighter, probably a volunteer but I'm pretty sure if something tragic were to happen, he'd get quite a bit of grief for it! Once Arianna saw that and that it was so close, she started freaking out and I started freaking out. I am terrified of fireworks after the incident that happened at the Riverfront two years ago when a dumb kid through an M-80 into the crowd and it hit a lady who jumped in front of her son and flew past me, my friend and our babies and almost took us out. That was it and we haven't seen them in two years and Arianna has been terrified of them until this year, she was excited but of course, that all came crumbling down by this one person. We went to a different place because it is in the country and they have specifically on their flyers, NO fireworks because there are numerous children around and they even had it twice in all caps but of course, people don't listen. So we sat at home with Donovan and watched the fireworks across the street from the window and the Macy's 4th of July parade on TV. Anyways onto Friday's Letters.

Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 4, 2013
So I decided while I was at the computer doing some homework I would write a post since my homework is done and some of next week's homework started up (sigh), only 4 weeks of summer left and then school starts up again August 22nd. I really haven't been up to much but getting things around the house done. Today we are going to the fairgrounds to see fireworks and I finally got the motivation up to do Arianna's hair yesterday for the 4th of July. Don't worry I have pictures lol. These next few weeks I am going to be super busy with cleaning the old apartment so I can hand in my keys, taking some classes to hopefully start up my own group daycare in my home. I also want to set up my file cabinet so it is organized and not a mess. I also need to finish up school for the summer and I only get a few weeks off before fall semester starts. I wasn't going to take the classes in the fall since I will have the baby but I need the money and if I continue, I should have my Corrections degree by next Summer. Classes start 5 days before baby is due, I am hoping that he comes earlier than that, like say oh 37 weeks lol. I only have 4.5 weeks left before I am full-term, maybe less since my stomach was measuring ahead. We will see Monday where I stand for my next appointment. I tell you though, this little boy never sleeps, when I am sleeping I wake up to him punching me. I hope he isn't a one-hour sleeper or I have a problem lol. I have his hospital bag packed and I need to get mine and Donovan's around. I put his carseat base in the car the other day so all we have to do is grab his carseat and our bags and go. Anyways I am going to post some pictures that I have posted on instagram and facebook throughout the week. Some include the new house ;-). The pictures aren't that good of quality because they are taken with my phone and well, my camera doesn't work anymore. ps; I also received my General Associates Degree in the mail this week!! I was so excited! Also expect pictures from tonight!