Friday's letters

Friday, July 5, 2013

Two posts in one week, let alone in a row? What is wrong with me?! I decided while I am printing out my next assignments for school, I would do a Friday's Letters since I haven't done one in quite some time. We actually ended up not seeing fireworks last night. We got there and were having a jolly time and then some dumbass had to mess it up for us and I about went ape-shit on him being pregnant and my hormones were raging. He decided it'd be awesome to light off bottle rockets in an actual bottle on gravel (could possibly tip over) and guess what?! It came back down and almost hit a car. What makes it worse is he had on a firefighter shirt, I doubt a real firefighter, probably a volunteer but I'm pretty sure if something tragic were to happen, he'd get quite a bit of grief for it! Once Arianna saw that and that it was so close, she started freaking out and I started freaking out. I am terrified of fireworks after the incident that happened at the Riverfront two years ago when a dumb kid through an M-80 into the crowd and it hit a lady who jumped in front of her son and flew past me, my friend and our babies and almost took us out. That was it and we haven't seen them in two years and Arianna has been terrified of them until this year, she was excited but of course, that all came crumbling down by this one person. We went to a different place because it is in the country and they have specifically on their flyers, NO fireworks because there are numerous children around and they even had it twice in all caps but of course, people don't listen. So we sat at home with Donovan and watched the fireworks across the street from the window and the Macy's 4th of July parade on TV. Anyways onto Friday's Letters.

Dear Arianna; I am sorry that those guys terrified us during the fireworks and brought back horrible memories and we couldn't stay for the awesome show, maybe next time we will just buy some small fireworks that stay on the ground and shoot them off at Mema's (Grandma) house.
Dear "Firefighter"; You are lucky my mom told me to stop and roll my window up because I was starting to walk over to you and ready to fight. Then when we drove off and I glared at you and your stupid family and said a few choice words, I know that ugly lady heard me. I hope the cops on their horses came by and told you to leave.
Dear Donovan; I am mad that you never want to go to fireworks with us and you always "Don't feel good" whenever I ask you to go. Whatever!
Dear Intro to Corrections Teacher; Seriously, you grade way to hard on stupid discussion boards. If I fail this class because of you, you are getting a horrible survey review at the end and it is going on Rate My Professors, seriously. Discussion boards aren't meant to be 50 points each! I hate you!
Dear Dre'Shawn; I know you are eager to get out but you moving all day and everyday except for an hour a day is driving me insane! Go to sleep little boy, seriously! I am glad today you are being calm and only moving a few times an hour here and there. We will see how you are doing again Monday and if you are still in the head down position!
Dear unemployment; thank you for giving me almost the maximum benefit amount weekly that you can get, now I don't have to worry about making ends meet as much, definitely a stress reliever.
Anyways, that is all I have for today. I am going to finish printing these chapters out and then go and eat some more and then lay down again, lol. The life I tell ya! I will start reading my homework tomorrow, maybe outside while Arianna enjoys the backyard and sandbox.


  1. husband made bank when he was on unemployment! Almost as much as me! So weird how that works out.

    1. I am getting a decent amount but not as much as I did while working ;-(. I am making half as much! Oh well, I am looking to start my own daycare so hopefully this'll end soon! Thank you for stopping by! I will be stopping by your blog soon!