Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 4, 2013
So I decided while I was at the computer doing some homework I would write a post since my homework is done and some of next week's homework started up (sigh), only 4 weeks of summer left and then school starts up again August 22nd. I really haven't been up to much but getting things around the house done. Today we are going to the fairgrounds to see fireworks and I finally got the motivation up to do Arianna's hair yesterday for the 4th of July. Don't worry I have pictures lol. These next few weeks I am going to be super busy with cleaning the old apartment so I can hand in my keys, taking some classes to hopefully start up my own group daycare in my home. I also want to set up my file cabinet so it is organized and not a mess. I also need to finish up school for the summer and I only get a few weeks off before fall semester starts. I wasn't going to take the classes in the fall since I will have the baby but I need the money and if I continue, I should have my Corrections degree by next Summer. Classes start 5 days before baby is due, I am hoping that he comes earlier than that, like say oh 37 weeks lol. I only have 4.5 weeks left before I am full-term, maybe less since my stomach was measuring ahead. We will see Monday where I stand for my next appointment. I tell you though, this little boy never sleeps, when I am sleeping I wake up to him punching me. I hope he isn't a one-hour sleeper or I have a problem lol. I have his hospital bag packed and I need to get mine and Donovan's around. I put his carseat base in the car the other day so all we have to do is grab his carseat and our bags and go. Anyways I am going to post some pictures that I have posted on instagram and facebook throughout the week. Some include the new house ;-). The pictures aren't that good of quality because they are taken with my phone and well, my camera doesn't work anymore. ps; I also received my General Associates Degree in the mail this week!! I was so excited! Also expect pictures from tonight!

Sorry in advance that the collages aren't pretty like usual, I used my phone to create them, heh. Also don't ask me why Arianna is looking crazy in her picture and sorry about her messy room. The baby has his dresser in our closet and bassinet and bouncer in our room. The only thing in the other room is his crib. I also love my yard (front and back) because it is nice a spacious, I also like the lines after being mowed, ha!

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  1. Good luck for your plans girl :) Your little one is adorable .
    Noor @ Noor's Place